Monday, March 7, 2011


I wonder how many people sit there with their laptop looking at t.v. and, when the advertisements come on, the start playing with their laptop to pass the time. I sometimes look up a website after seeing an add. It would be great is Google or someone were to collaborate with t.v. channels and simply correlate specific web searches with a list of adverts currently being shown. We would obviously have to adjust for e.g. web usage volume, various cultural stats, frequency of advert, time of day, popularity of program (as a proxy for likelihood of watching the ad) etc. I'm sure various stats are out there.

One possible confound is that those searching the web are a specific class of individuals and not representative of the total.

Another interesting application would be e.g. Hulu, where it would be more beneficial to make targeted advertisements based on how the users search the web.

Finally, we could look at extending this feedback not only into user-tailored adverts, but also feed this information into social networking sites; your tv shows ads that are relevant to you, facebook shows ads that are relevant to you, etc.

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